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Bergamot Hand + Body Wash

Bergamot Hand + Body Wash


what it is.
our best-selling hand+body cleansing gel lathers into a rich foam to effectively wash away dirt, sweat + debris. thoroughly purifies and refreshes. for all genders + skin types (especially sensitive). not only does it cleanse and purify, it’s also enhanced with the apothecary staple bergamot. this elevated italian citrus scent is known to evoke joy + energize the mind and mood so treating your body to this genderless, fresh scent only adds to the benefits.

how it works.
+ hydrating amino acids + glycerin bind water to the skin, enhancing water retention and skin moisture.
+ gentle surfactants cleanse skin of daily dirt + grime.
+ bergamot scent to elevate your washing experience.

why you need it.
cleansing sets the stage in your bodycare routine. by starting with purifying + balancing formulas, the long-term health of the skin is ensured. for all genders + skin types (especially sensitive). pairs perfectly with our best-selling vitamin b5 body moisturizer and lotion as part of an uncomplicated regimen.

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