Project: Residential Location: Houston, TX

Starting from scratch, Rehman worked to create 3,000+ sq. ft. of fully furnished spaces, that served various purposes for the clients lifestyle. From an over-the-top master suite to a carefully curated study. By using unique pieces collected by the clients from their travels over the years, Rehman was able to combine old and new creating a sense of “home” in a brand new space.

Weslayan Project Living Room Fireplace and Bookcase

Italian antiques, custom rugs inspired by vintage tapestries, hand-painted wallcoverings, bright hits of color such as cobalt in the art and pillows combined with the striking black and white patterning make for an unapologetically lavish and seductive home.

The Study

The study was designed around this bespoke collection of art and objects collected through the client's years of travel around the world. Combining vintage furniture, with uncompromised comfort lead to space the client can endlessly spend hours in.

  • Weslayan Project Lamp and Mirror