Bilal Rehman X Luke Lamp Co
Project: Collection Location: Global

Bilal Rehman has partnered with the globally renowned lighting house Luke Lamp Co. to design an exclusive collection that merges the legacy of Luke Lamp Co with the cutting-edge style of the Bilal Rehman brand. This collection symbolizes Bilal’s first step into the world of product development under The House of Bilal Rehman. Available for order now.



Presenting the debut lighting collection by Bilal Rehman in collaboration with the esteemed Luke Lamp Co. The Maya Sconce. Seamlessly marrying our design philosophies, these sophisticated luminaires radiate enduring grace with a modern twist. The Maya Sconce epitomizes our commitment to unmatched artistry and design prowess, beckoning you to explore our inventive and progressive creative vision.

Available in six sumptuous hand-applied finishes, this collection can be tailored to your preferences.