The Brand

Every Bilal Rehman project derives from the passion for crafting future-driven, experience-based designs. From interior design to creative direction and brand identity, Bilal Rehman Studio builds a singular, cohesive experience that stimulates all the senses. No detail is too small, from visuals to scent, everything works together to tell a story. Since launching his career, the Houston-based designer has evolved the Bilal Rehman brand into an interdisciplinary global lifestyle brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of today’s design movement with experiential residential and commercial creations. With an unrivaled reputation, Bilal Rehman Studio has quickly become one of the most elite future-driven design houses in the world. Curating personalized services to meet the unique needs of every client. Welcome to The World of Bilal Rehman.

The Studio

The Bilal Rehman Studio consists of a multifaceted team of designers and architects, proficient in designing with only the highest attention to detail and design exploration. A constant creative collaboration in the studio inherently sculpts our architecture and interior projects.


Bilal Rehman is Houston's only Viral Interior Designer. With a reputation for his future-driven designs, Rehman creates multi-faceted, experience-based residential and commercial environments that break the norms of what you know Interior Design to be.