Bilal Rehman Flagship Gallery

Bilal Rehman's Gallery represents the culmination of the studio's extensive collaborative efforts with both emerging talents and established artists, aimed at crafting bespoke artworks for discerning clients and special projects. Working closely with longstanding creative allies, Bilal Rehman curates exclusive collections for his gallery, both in physical and digital realms. With a commitment to spotlighting artists worldwide, the Gallery provides a distinctive platform where these collaborative endeavors converge, offering a singular space to experience their collective vision.

Embodying the distinctive essence of Bilal Rehman's design ethos, the architecture and interior design of the renowned retail hub, Bilal Rehman Gallery, eloquently encapsulates the cultural ethos of Los Angeles, the enduring sophistication of New York, and the vibrant spirit of Miami. Seamlessly fused into an interactive shopping adventure nestled in the heart of Houston, TX, the gallery's interior is adorned with the iconic Rehman aesthetic, presenting a striking blend of black and white hues that amplify the immersive aura, lending prominence to the exquisite artwork, home decor, furniture, and lighting on display.

Prioritizing the works of small-scale artisans and emerging artists, Rehman's design philosophy intricately weaves together a palette dominated by white and black tones, coupled with bespoke architectural elements that seamlessly blend vintage and contemporary styles. Within this space, visitors are presented with a diverse array of handpicked home artifacts sourced by Rehman from various corners of the globe.

In partnership with Cosentino and Kohler, Rehman envisioned a distinctive kitchen and checkout desk that embody the fundamental principles of Bilal Rehman Studio, transcending conventional norms and setting new benchmarks for innovation and design.


Using the Black Galaxy slabs from Cosentino, Rehman designed a custom pedestal with an integrated sink. The diamond glass inside of the slabs perfectly reflects the custom-designed lighting system inside of the laquer-black bathroom.