Maygel Coronel

The Maygel Coronel Houston Boutique, nestled in the heart of River Oaks District, seamlessly blends Colombian culture with contemporary architecture, creating a retail haven where textures and materials engage in a harmonious dialogue.

Bilal Rehman Studio infused the space with bespoke pieces curated from the Flagship Houston Bilal Rehman Gallery, evoking the essence of Cartagena.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by an organic black sand art installation, infusing a modern coastal flair into the interior. Positioned on a prime corner location, the boutique captivates passersby, offering a glimpse into the Maygel Coronel narrative even before stepping foot inside.

Latin heritage is a defining element in the Maygel Coronel creative repertoire which results in the inherantley rich colors. In order to not take away from the monochromatic styling of the rest of their collection, we designed a special area of the showroom to showcase the bold and rich colors paired with the handmade jewelry and unique home objects.

Custom steel panels, stretching from floor to ceiling, feature elegant glass inserts and are accompanied by bespoke steel shelves, gracefully delineating the space while preserving its abundant natural light.

Just behind the main retail space lies a private art gallery-style space with Maygel Coronel’s seasonal campaign projected on the main wall on a loop. Mannequins dressed in this season’s collection dance around the room inviting shoppers to explore the collection in a more intimate fashion.