Starting from scratch, Rehman worked to create 10,000+ sq. ft. of fully furnished spaces, that served various purposes for the client’s lifestyle. From a grand-scale living room to a carefully executed in-home office. By using true-vintage furniture combined with unique finds from today, Rehman was able to combine old and new creating a sense of “vintage-glamour” in a home with outstanding bones designed in partnership with a famous Houston architect from the 90’s.

Custom artwork by Houston-based artist Julie Mai, hand-made rugs inspired by the Art-Deco movement, acrylic accents, and lighting designed like jewelry all work together to create an extravagantly luxurious, and timeless home design for a modern-day couple.

The Office

The office was designed around the larger-than-life book collection the client started over 30 years ago. Combining modern-day furniture and custom artwork by Houston-based artist Julie Mai with sculptural elements such as the etherial chrome floor lamps or executive style desk with hidden compartments work together to add a sense of glamour to the “work-from-home” lifestyle.