Bilal Rehman X Halloween Experience
Project: Experiences Location: Houston, TX

Bilal Rehman Studio, in collaboration with Houston-based luxury event planner Indra Castro, orchestrated a remarkable makeover of the entire Bilal Rehman Gallery space, marking the spectacular grand opening of the flagship Houston location of Bilal Rehman Gallery. The creative team enveloped the kitchen in a mummy cave-inspired wrapping, creating an immersive ambiance that was further enhanced by a unique scent curated exclusively by Bilal Rehman in partnership with Aromatech.

An assortment of materials sourced from the comprehensive Bilal Rehman Studio library and archive were seamlessly integrated by Castro to fashion a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable immersive textural encounter for the attendees on the ultra-exclusive guest list.

The conference room at Bilal Rehman Studio underwent a stunning metamorphosis, turning into a luminous spider sanctuary adorned with an expansive spider sculpture, measuring over 10 feet wide. Candlelight encircled the room, casting an ideal, eerie luminescence. In collaboration with Aromatech, the space exuded a distinct Bilal Rehman X Aromatech aroma, carefully curated to evoke a particular emotion of seductive fear.