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Bergamot Candle

Bergamot Candle


Blooming during the winter months of southern italy, bergamot is known for its uplifting and energizing attributes for the mind and body. our unique version of this heritage apothecary pillar expresses the full complexity of an orchard in bloom with a dynamic blend of elevated citrus notes and slightly spiced undertones. the sharp bitterness of the bergamot is balanced by an underlying floral aroma from orange trees, making it the easiest scent to layer.

long believed to be a natural stress reliever, the scent of bergamot has been a brand (and customer) favorite for over 20 years. our hand poured candle is infused with our signature bergamot fragrance; a bright and effervescent scent has been used throughout our best-selling products from hand and body lotions to deodorant.

natural wax blend has a clean, slow burn that lasts 60 hours.

shipping. due to high temperatures we discourage shipping candles to warmer regions during the summer. we will not be able to replace any candles damaged by melting in transit.


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