Your guide to making those 6 o’clock cocktails extra luxurious.
The key to an over-the-top bar is to stock it with luxurious glassware, your favorite beverages, and of course fun decor.
So many people forget that a bar is supposed to be fun and add life to the party, so this is the perfect spot to be dramatic and use decor pieces that may be too wild for other parts of your home.
In this blog, we are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at Bilal’s personal at-home bar and the tips and tricks he used to elevate his own bar.
Step 1: Assess your bar’s architecture.

One thing is certain, everyone is going to have a unique space they call a “bar.” Whether your bar is built-in like Bilal’s or freestanding like a bar cabinet/bar cart, it’s important to know your bar’s limitations when choosing how you’re going to style it.

No matter the size of your bar, it needs to make a statement. The best place to start is of course, with your favorite bottles.

Layering your bottles according to size and liquor type is key when designing a visually pleasing bar.

Step 2: Make the “essentials” fun.

Before we start adding decorative accents, it’s important to make sure that your bar is fully functioning. You need to be stocked with all of the essentials such as ashtrays, lighters, coasters, napkins, etc.

Using designer touches never hurt of course! Bilal’s bar features a Versace crystal ashtray and a trio of Kris Jenner lighters as shown above. Just because these items are necessary for any bar doesn’t mean you just have to use a lighter from the gas station and a basic ashtray, think outside the box.

While there are many more affordable approaches to an ashtray if you have the ability to splurge, do it! After all, elevating everyday experiences is part of Bilal’s design philosophy.

Step 3: Accessorize with “Wild” objects.

Let’s face it, no one is going to remember your bar for having some dusty old fake plant from your local bargain store, but they will remember it if you have a color-changing bear who greats you with his d*ck out! The “Teddy Boy” lamp by designer Stefano Giovannoni has been a conversation piece on Bilal’s bar for many years now and still is a shocker to anyone who notices it.

If a bear with his d*ck out isn’t your thing, don't worry because there are plenty of other eye-catching pieces you can use on your bar like these outrageous jars from Jonathan Adler also featured on Bilal’s bar.

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