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Bilal Rehman Studio

Versace Gorgona Obelisk

Versace Gorgona Obelisk

Gianni Versace for Rosenthal. Large Gorgona obelisk in white porcelain with gold decoration and ornamentation, late 20th century.

Available for individual purchase, yet undeniably sexy when paired together.

During a meticulous sourcing trip to Los Angeles, Bilal Rehman personally hand-curated these exquisite Versace Gorgona Obelisks. Originally residing in an estate just a few houses away from the iconic Playboy Mansion, these remarkable pieces eventually found their way to an antique store nestled in the vibrant heart of Melrose. Imbued with a rich history and unmistakable elegance, these obelisks are a testament to luxury and sophistication.

Designed by: Versace

Retails for: $1000.00 each

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