Our Process

Our approach to design is unique in the sense that we shift focus to how your design will impact your daily life, work flow and overall well-being. We understand that design is complex and has the ability to shift your energy, emotion and productivity which is why great design is vital to living our lives. What good is a beautiful space if it doesn’t positively impact your daily life?

  • 01.

Since no two projects are alike, we start every project by carefully listening to our clients needs and assessing your priorities. This step sets the foundation for our plan to approach your project and allows our team to accurately determine the scope.

  • 02.

This step is imperative to positioning your project correctly. In this phase, we assign the right people to handle various elements of your project. Unlike other firms, every project is assigned a team based on the client’s needs, style and time-frame.

  • 03.

This is where the magic begins. Our team of experienced designers begin the research, layout, concept and selection process for your project. Using the foundation set during the discovery phase, we are able to begin crafting your dream space.

  • 04.

After the design development is complete, we invite you to our studio for an in-depth presentation of your design. Here we show you samples, fabrics, floor-plans, and renderings of your final design. This is the phase to make any changes you see fit.

  • 05.

Once all of the details are ironed out for your design concept, our dedicated orders department and project managers begin the ordering process for all of your final selections. What are you going to do with all of the free time you have now that you don’t have to hunt all over town for elements of your design?

  • 06.

Let us do the heavy-lifting. Our in-house team of skillfully trained installers will handle everything from loading/unloading the trucks, assembling, unboxing, hanging and cleaning. This leaves you with nothing more to do than simply enjoy your brand new dream space.

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